What Is A Rodin Coil And How To Make One


A rodin coil is a toroid with a wire schematic with the least acute angle possible. The magnetic feild is powerfully centered in it’s center.

How to make a rodin coil…
1) you need to find the circumference of the toroid. This is done by finding the diameter and multiplying that by Pi on the calculator or you could substitute the button with 3.14. you can also find the cercumference by 2(pi)R. 2 times Pi times the radius. the radius is from the center to the outer edge, the diameter is from one edge(outside) to the other outer edge on the other side at an angle of 180 degrees.

2) You need to divide the cercumference into 10 degree = spacings. Do this by taking the cercumference and dividing that by 36. to mark theses distances, wrap tape(masking)around the toroid’s cercumference and mark the marks with a ruler. i would suggest using metric units because of the system of 10.

3) put a pin in each of the 36 markings. Be sure to put the pin in the center of the side. I would recommend using 3 different colors. in the video i use Red, Green, and Blue. place the pins in color sets of 3. red, green, blue. red, green blue. red, green, blue… there will be 12 sets of 3 pins. The first pin of the set will be the pin to mark the A coil, the second pin will be tto mark the B coil, and the 3rd pin will be there to mark the C coil which is open space.

4) For your first winding, glue or take the magnet wire to the outer edge of the toroid in the middle by the pin. Count 5 sets clockwise, not including the set you start in, and pull the wire throught the center of the toroid and under the other side, lay the wire firmly against the A pin of the 5th set.

5) for every other step after this, find your spot you were at last(in this case your starting point) and count 2 sets counter clockwise(5 pins to the right). then bring the wire back throught the center and under the toroid wall closes to you. you should notice an eight figure forming with 1 pass. then bring the wire back up and over the top of teh toroid wall closest to you. this wire again should be pushed firmly against the A pin like every time should. then continue the pattern of finding your last point, counting 2 setsor 5 pins counter clockwise, and bringing the wire under the center and over the top. repeat this with the B coil but using the B pins.

6) these currents need to be going in opposite direction so when you hook up the B leads make sure the – lead on the B coil is going underneath the coil formt the start. Not overhead like the A coil is.

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