See the E-cat run in self-sustained mode

 Just over half an hour without ...WATCH VIDEO


 John Bedini pulse motor In 3D ...WATCH VIDEO


Bob Lazar – UFO Reactor

 Hier erklärt Robert Lazar, wie der ...WATCH VIDEO

Defense Intelligence Agency Report – Cold Fusion "Gaining Acceptance"

 A 2009 unclassified Defense Analysis Report ...WATCH VIDEO


The Pseudoscepsticks – Forum Debunking

 The Pseudoscepsticks cartoon strip.

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Andrea Rossi eCatReport-Interview Highlights

 Highlights of interview with Andrea ...WATCH VIDEO

Supression Of Overunity Systems: 34 Flaws In Maxwell’s Equations

 The original Maxwells Equations by Scottish ...WATCH VIDEO


UFO Sighting – Debunked By The Pseudoscepsticks

 Another installment of The Pseudoscepsticks where ...WATCH VIDEO

Andrea Rossi eCat: BIG News Is On Its Way

 The Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat) by Andrea ...WATCH VIDEO

Tour Andrea Rossi’s 1MW Fusion Plant

 The Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat) by Andrea ...WATCH VIDEO


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